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My Teachers

The following people have been my most influential teachers: 


Judith Fairchild, piano


Genaro Santoro, piano 


Sam Viviano, piano 


Angeline Case-Stott, harpsichord


Dr. Larry Edwards - choral singing and musicianship


Mark Ensley - piano


Dr. Ken Kreitner - music history


Dr. David Shotsberger - music theory


Dr. John David Peterson - organ 




Remember the whole picture...study the whole world...read books, read reviews...study with teachers, teach yourself...listen to others, listen to good playing...bury yourself in a library, swim in a mountain lake...listen to yourself, discover and honor your inner nature...practice with patience and a searching intelligence, know when to stop...watch things move: birds, trees, snow, cats...dance across the room to the piece your are learning.....privately, be a great conductor...write out a thought that inspired you and carry it around, put it on the piano wrack...study your scores on the airplane......go to the movies, don't put of what you enjoy.....don't think about music, or, for a couple of days, practice all day long in your head.....write letters, send emails, to your old teachers thanking them and telling them what you are learning...play with other musicians, have lunch with non-musicians, take walks alone at night, when the world is velvety and meditative...play with dogs and children...listen to city sounds like you have never listened before...expect 'magic' from the piano...be grateful for the sounds you hear...be grateful for parents and elders...take a few nibbles from a favorite book, and put it down grateful...'forget' the books and scores, and 'become' them...ask questions...invoke musical spirit in your technical practice...develop 'faith'...imagine what a gift it is to be a musician. Thank God!

~ from Legendary Teachers of the Piano, by Samuel Viviano