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From the Students and Parents

"We moved to the Memphis area a little while ago, and we were looking for a good piano teacher for our two elementary school age children. When we met Ms. Lisa, we realized that she was exactly what we were looking for. She teaches different aspects of music, such as technique, solfeggio, history of music, rhythm, dynamics, fingerings, and so many other musical elements. Every lesson is very educational and so much fun! Her energy is so positive and addictive, and she also evaluate kids' strong and weak sides to identify focus areas. We have so many choices with her; kids can participate in competitions, recitals, group lessons, duets, and they get encouraged and rewarded for their efforts! And most importantly, they love their piano lessons!"

~ Tatiana Suh 


"I have three children who study with Ms Fairchild.  They have had piano lessons in the past, and under her training, in this short time, their sight reading, ear training, and technique has tremendously improved.  She is a highly skilled piano teacher with knowledge and passion to teach. I drive 45 miles in distance, and it is well worth the drive."

~Zelma Allen

"Her best attribute is her ability to come up with effective and creative solutions to solving all kinds of piano related problems.  Her holistic approach to the piano by taking into account things directly and indirectly related to performing music is a very refreshing experience.  Her engaging and bright personality can bring much motivation to the distracted student.  And she gives you candy."

~Patrick Domico

"Lisa isn't just my favorite music teacher.  She is one of the best teachers I've ever had.  She lives this stuff - that's not a typo, although she loves it, too - and it comes through in every lesson.  I have lost track of the number of times she has blown my mind with a subtle little insight or a unique perspective, which I never would have realized on my own; and half the time, I'm convinced this is unintentional - it's just so ingrained in her that she does these things, thinks this way, as a matter of course, and you pick it up by osmosis.  And that's on top of the stuff she actually tries to teach you.

When I first started taking lessons from her, I sent some relatives (an aunt who plays piano and an uncle who plays French horn) a link to her YouTube page, so I could get their take.  They replied that she was "clearly a real artist" and said that they were very jealous that I get to learn from her.

In the year I've been taking lessons, she has lived up to their original assessment and more: she has become a dear friend and mentor.  She is always there to encourage me when I get frustrated, push me when I get lazy, and remind me why I am learning, by playing beautiful pieces of music.  I feel so grateful to have met her. Thank you, Google?"

~Andrew Gibson

 "While looking for a good piano teacher that would effectively teach my children, I came across Lisa's website. Impressed by her credentials and experience, I hoped that she would agree to teach our 8-years-old triplets. Yes triplets!  It has now been about four months since we started lessons. During this time I have known in her a dedicated teacher whose passion for piano is inspiring to students.  I have also known a delicate and kind person.

I must admit that it is challenging to teach triplets!  However, Lisa manages to organize the lessons patiently allowing each of our children to learn and perform with the aim of reaching his/her potential.  

Lisa is an intelligent teacher who uses positive techniques to instill discipline and love of music in her students. She is also creative in her professionalism.  It is a pleasure, as a mother, to witness her teach my children.  The strongest testimony I can give is that my triplets enjoy going to piano lessons and I am happy to make the long drive because Lisa is truly worth it.  I could not have asked for a better teacher.  

I am looking forward that, with Lisa's help, I watch my children grow into pianists who are confident of their skills and passionate of music "

~Samia Attallah Khouzam 

"I started taking lessons with Lisa to complete my piano education that I interrupted 20 years ago.  Before then, I already had two different piano teachers and went to music school.  What I like the most about Lisa is that she has an eclectic approach of music and choice of exercises that compliment one another. More than improving my playing, I also learn a lot about music theory, composition, history, singing...and much more!  Her feedback on how to use certain methods  to achieve a great interpretation is very precious to me.  And last but not least, I make great progress while having a good time...which is not true for every teacher."

~Aline Martin 

"Lisa's teaching goes far beyond that of the average pedagogue.  In addition to the review and critique her students' repertoire, she also guides them through a musical workout that consists of music history, sight reading, harmonization, and anything else that she feels inclined to teach on that particular day.  Studying with Lisa goes far beyond taking piano lessons."

~Allie Southerland

"We are always impressed by Lisa's fantastic teaching skills and attractions to children in her piano lessons.  She is a great teacher with incredible patience and kindness.  I could not believe she taught my five-year-old Catherine musical theories and musical histories in her amazing ways and Catherine could get it.  Her piano lesson is very dynamic and sounds real fun.  Her piano lesson has significant impact on Catherine's growing process far beyond musical training.  Catherine just loves Lisa so much."

~Wei Liu

"Lisa is one of the most down to earth piano teachers I know.  I have been taking lessons from her for about two years.  One of my biggest dreams was to sing and play the piano in front of a crowd.  She gave me more than I bargained for.  I learned a song by Alicia Keys, and she taught me to read the sheet music as well.  She gave me the confidence to play and sing it in front of a large crowd.  The best teacher period!!!  I can describe her as silly, highly educated in music theory, and a great human being overall.  I only wish my college professors were this fun."

~ Tyrone "TY" Sanders

Big Gates Records

Promotions/A&R Assistant

"All my life, I wanted to play the piano.  At the young age of 48, I began to research teachers.  Everyone told me that most teachers could only teach you for six months and that they can barely play basic simple sheet music.  I found this to be true as I began my search.  The name Lisa Fairchild always seemed to come up in the piano teacher conversation!  I researched her website and even went to the Beethoven Club to hear her play.  She was great!  I found my teacher!  Lisa is very kind, patient, and great at letting you learn at your own pace.  I never would have dreamed that I could play Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven, and Bach.  The mere thought of playing in a recital on a stage in front of people terrified me!  Lisa not only taught me how to play the piano, but how to play in front of people!  Now I love to play recitals and love to go in piano stores and play for people.  My friends are shocked when they come to my house and see me play the piano.  Lisa is an expert on piano history and piano composers.  Lisa is an accomplished piano performer, and yes, she can play any sheet music you give her!  Lisa is also a great friend!  I have recommended her to dozens of people!"

~Glen (Chopin) Wimpy

"Ms Lisa's professionalism is on all the details.  In teaching, she barely makes any mistakes on any lesson.  She builds a system to encourage students to practice.  The recitals she puts together are full of wonders and happy surprises.  She would invite music professionals and professors to the recital which turns the recital into a small concert.  It's very obvious she spends a ton of time and energy in order to make those activities a big success.  

Ms Lisa is very flexible and tries her best to work with students and parents on the schedule.  She encouraged students in all kinds of ways.  In the mean time, she's also strict, not letting students cross the line, form bad habits, or slide into floppy mode.  

I'm witnessing my son's progress and many excellent young pianists Ms Lisa is teaching.  I'm very impressed with her talents, not just on piano, but also her singing, music knowledge, understanding, and many more."

~Annie Wu